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"Working with InKnowVision gives me the confidence that I can accept high net worth planning and insurance clients at any level of wealth and be assured that the clients will be well-served. As a high level planning and design “back office,” InKnowVision is accustomed to working with attorneys, accountants, and financial advisers of high net worth families. IKV is terrific in assisting me in devising and then illustrating interlocking strategies to help clients achieve their goals—with only as much complexity and risk as the client is willing to accept. The Goal Achiever illustrates concepts graphically so that clients can understand the plan, and then supports these concepts with year-by-year analysis sufficient to satisfy the most detail-oriented members of the client’s planning team." 

Barry Kohler, Financial Advisor

"As a 20 year veteran international corporate and securities lawyer, complex estate planning was daunting to me. I have always known that a competent team can be a powerful approach to solve complex problems. InKnowVision provides the benchstrength to instantly handle complex matters in a careful and creative way. They are patient and thoughtful and always helpful. They have a unique ability to provide tools and processes to quickly allow a moderately competent professional to play in the same 'sandbox' as the big firms. Their level of sophistication is second to none. Perhaps most importantly, clients are better able to understand complex concepts as they apply to them and actually get accomplished their unique and important goals. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with this important strategic alliance partner for me and our firm." 

Scott E. Squillace, Esq.

"I have worked collaboratively with Scott since 2006. His knowledge and insight for creative and sophisticated wealth transfer and preservation techniques have been tremendous. Also, Scott has a great ability to convey these seemingly complex solutions in a manner that both advisors and their clients can understand.” 

Chris Jacob, Founder and Certified Financial Planner, Cadeau

“Scott has gotten incredible results for my clients and has proven his value and ability over and over again.” 

Gary Waitzman, Esq.

“I worked with Scott through InKnowVision on a project where his expertise and that of his staff were outstanding. Scott's attention to detail helped make a convoluted scenario much easier to explain to a client. I have also attended many seminars, workshops and webinars taught by Scott and I am continually in awe of his knowledge and professionalism.” 

Bill Dennis, Esq.

“I have worked with Scott on highly sophisticated wealth planning. I find them both to be consummate experts in the development and implementation of advanced wealth designs for large estates. I recommend them and their firm enthusiastically.” 

John Jenkins, CFP

“My relationship with Scott Hamilton goes back many years when Scott was a member and instructor at the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, WealthCounsel and InKnowVision. InKnowVision provides incredible support to legal, accounting, financial, and insurance professionals; and Scott has personally taught and mentored many, many very experienced professionals. Scott while at InKnowVision has assisted my office with several cases exceeding $20,000,000 net worth. He has the ability to quickly evaluate complex estate planning designs, astutely questions the basis for recommended techniques and comes up with great suggestions to enhance the plan results. InKnowVision designs are second to none. When you are in the big leagues and need expertise, experience and intellect call Scott. Plus he is a very cool guy...Highly recommended!” 

W. Vito Lanuti, Attorney, W.Vito Lanuti & Associates

“Scott is one of the smartest people I know. On top of being smart he also has a good deal of emotional intelligence and works well in groups. I strongly recommend Scott for any engagement you might be considering. In addition to my comments above, Scott is honest. You can count on him to do what he says in the time frame he agrees to. If you have a need for his services, it would be silly for you not to engage him." 

Josh Patrick, Principal, Stage 2 Business Solutions

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