High Net Worth Planning

Our Advanced Planning Team

Scott Hamilton, Kyle Hafstad

Scott Hamilton -  CEO | 630.470.6480
Scott Hamilton is the CEO of InKnowVision, LLC, a design and tax strategies company dedicated to providing tax planning and consulting to the clients of attorneys, CPA firms and financial professionals throughout the country. Scott had a traditional law practice for over 20 years with an emphasis in the areas of estate and income taxation. As part of InKnowVision Design, he now collaborates with other professionals on clients who have an average net worth of over $20M.
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Kyle Hafstad - Design Specialist | 630.470.6484
Kyle joined InKnowVision early in 2008 after obtaining his management degree from Purdue University. Because of Purdue’s emphasis on quantitative analysis in their management program, Kyle is a natural fit in helping InKnowVision crunch the numbers and helping resolve the complex interaction of various strategies.
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Sue Hillstrom -  VP of Finance | 630.470.6485
Sue joined InKnowVision in January 2005. Prior to that, she worked in the Finance Department of Ameritech Corporation for 20 years. Sue is responsible for all accounting functions, human resources, and office management.
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