High Net Worth Planning

Education Center for High Net Worth Planning

Working in the high net worth market requires excellence. InKnowVision is committed to helping our fellow advisors achieve their highest potential. To that end, we offer monthly webcasts to help you stay as sharp as you possibly can be.

Make a commitment to join us on a monthly basis. Invite your colleagues to join you.

Monthly Webinars-

1st Wednesday - 11 am central

Case Study Webinar



3rd Wednesday - 11 am central

Technical Webinar



4th Wednesday - 11 am central

Marketing Webinar



" I always look forward to IKV's webinars and they are consistently informative. I especially find helpful IKV's case studies when they deal with using Charitable Planning as a component of the client's overall strategy. Charitable Planning is something that I have been wanting to get more involved with for some time and IKV presents outstanding information on the subject."
William Clay Tucker, CAP, CMFC, CRPS The Woodville Group, LLC, 2012

"...great presentation on transferring the mindset to business owners."
Mark B. Holmes, CPA, B2B CFO®, Technical Webinar 2012



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